Hi, my name is Justin Ribarich.

I am a Software Engineer

I specialize in Full Stack Development.

"The greatest teacher, failure is." - Master Yoda

Projects I am proud of

Latest Project


Caribu is an application that assists developers in migrating their monolithic applications into a micro-service based architecture. It allows developers to view their applications code piece by piece, displaying which functions are eligible to become serverless, and which need refactoring.

Technologies used include:

  • TypeScript
  • React/Router/Redux Toolkit
  • Electron
  • Express
  • Babel

Laravel Job Finder


LaraJobs allows users to securely login and view job postings involving the Laravel framework as well as post their own jobs.

Technologies used include:

  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • Blade
  • MySQL

Live Activity Tracker

CoffeeTime 2.0

CoffeeTime allows users to securely login and post activities for other users to see. Each user has the ability to join an activity for all users to see who is attending.

Technologies used include:

  • React/Redux
  • WebSocket
  • JWT

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I'm always interested in new opportunities, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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